Best Burger Cookoffs in New Mexico – 2017

In New Mexico, burgers usually mean a GCCB – a green chile cheeseburger. This summer saw two big GCCB cookoffs – The best GCCB Challenge at the New Mexico State Fair and the GCCB Smackdown, produced by Edible magazines. Judging by the cook-off winners, the best burgers in New Mexico 2017 are . . .

best burger new mexico 2017 - Sparky's
Sparky’s — Photo by Southwest_Gaucho/ TripAdvisor

Sparky’s (Hatch, NM) – New Mexico State Fair GCCB Challenge
Sparky’s not only won the state fair competition, they seem to be replacing Santa Fe Bite (formerly Bobcat Bite) as the favorite burger joint in New Mexico.

115 Franklin St.,
Hatch, NM



Blue Heron at Sunrise Springs Spa (Santa Fe) – Winner GCCB Smackdown
This brisket and ribeye burger was the creation of Santa Fe native, chef, Rocky Durham.  The burger at up-scale Sunrise Springs spa is only available at lunch.

Blue Heron Restaurant
242 Los Pinos Rd.,
Santa Fe, NM

For a list of the other winners (include People’s Choice) see:
These Hamburgers Were Just Named The Best In New Mexico But You Better Taste Them To Be Sure.

I’d Order That in the Southwest

Amy Dodson,I'd Order That. Southwest burgers
Amy Dodson, food and travel writer, meets the infamous GCCB

Meet Amy Dodson, founder of I’d Order That, a blog celebrating the food, travel, lifestyle (and burgers) of the American southwest.

Amy has previously written about the best burgers in Durango. Now she tells Best Burger Review about a few more of her favorites.

BBR: Tell us about you and your blog. I started my blog as a celebration … to share the things I love and continue to discover about my adopted forever home, the American Southwest. The name came about a few years ago while I was testing a butter grilled ribeye with red chile steak rub. My husband tasted it and said, “If I were in a restaurant, I’d pay for that.  I’d order that.”  That began our game to become better cooks, and set the bar … only ‘I’d Order Thats’ make the blog.

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2015 Champion Burger Recipe – The Porchetta

In the final heat of the 2015 World Burger Championships, the top 10 competitors had to create a burger recipe using citrus. For the round, Rusty Johnson created a facefull of texture and taste with  “The Porchetta.” This short-rib burger is topped with luscious lemon-roasted pork belly, offset by crispy pork cracklins, and an array of lemon-infused condiments.

The Porchetta” scored the highest in the final round of the 2015 World Burger Championships, and pushed Rusty Johnson over the top to win the event, and the $10,000 prize.

The Porchetta burger recipe
Top-scoring burger, The Porchetta, from 2015 Burger Champ, Rusty Johnson

Below, Rusty Johnson shares his winning burger recipe.

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