2014 World Burger Champion

Who Makes the World’s Best Burger?

Wade Fortin World Burger Champ, World FoodChampionship
Burger Champ, Wade Fortin [Photo- via World Food Championships. Facebook]
[DEC. 2014]  For the second time in a row Wade Fortin, of Second City Smoke, won the World Burger Championship, this November in Las Vegas.

In addition, Fortin placed second (a scant fraction behind the winner) at the Final Table, a cook-off between the winners of each of the nine events at the World Food Championships.

To reach the top, Fortin and his Second City Smoke teammate, Andrew Wiegand, had to out cook 47 competitors in two rounds of burger making.  Averaged scores from both rounds yielded the world’s top three burger champs.

World Burger Championship Winners

1st — After a stellar start (first place for his signature burger) and a strong final round (second place), Wade Fortin, took the win with a final score of 86.508 (out of 100 possible).

2nd —  The Beefy Boys, a competition team from Herefordshire, UK won second.  Just making the 10th place cut to move on to the finals,  the team’s win skyrocketed them into their final 2nd place position (85.391).

3rd Cypress Street Pint & Plate, a neighborhood pub in Atlanta, won third. Anchored by Ryan Crocker, Cypress Street held steady in the first two rounds and scored well with their last burger, for an overall score of 84.708.

How Fortin Won

Round One

Because Fortin took home last year’s World Burger title, he automatically cooked in the 2014 event.  More than 40 other competitors had to qualify for the Las Vegas event by winning a qualifying regional burger cook off.  Once at the championship, in Round One, all teams cooked two burgers–their signature burger and a “structured burger” where all cooks had to create a burger from the same set of ingredients.

  • Signature Build — Simply Perfect
    In a radio interview, Fortin said his strategy focused on simplicity and the burger itself. His goal was a perfectly cooked and perfectly seasoned burger. Fortin scored a 95 in the first round—mere points from his goal of perfect.
  • Structured Build — Southwest Style
    In the structured build, competitors had to create a burger using ingredients found in the kitchen at a Red Robin. Fortin went southwest. Burger toppings included an avocado aioli, fried tortilla strips, glazed bacon and a roasted corn pico de gallo.

Round Two

After the two burgers, the with the highest average score moved on to the finals. Though Fortin dipped to 19th place in the Red Robin round, his strong signature burger sent him into the finals with the top average score of 89.1875.

Handsome Honey
In this round, competitors had to feature honey in their burger. Wanting to hit the judges with honey, Fortin created the “El Guapo” — a ribeye cheeseburger stuffed with chipotle honey. More honey came with honey glazed peppered bacon, fried onions dusted with honey powder, honey BBQ aioli, and a honey-kissed Brioche bun. The burger also had spicy quick pickles. The El Guapo, scored second in this round, just under The Beefy Boys.

Fortin scored an 84.722 in the honey round. This, with his first round score, gave Fortin an overall average of 86.508, enough for Fortin to claim his second World Burger Championship title.

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