Bama Burger v the Buckeye

As some of you know, earlier this year Best Burger Review moved its home base from New Mexico to Alabama. I quickly found out that next to God, football is the state religion. When JT, a fellow burger blogger from the BurgerGuyz, in Ohio asked, “You know there’s a football game coming up, right?!,” I knew a little Bama / Buckeye Sugar Bowl trouble was brewing…

“I was thinking we may be able to have a little fun for charity,” said JT. “Maybe you can talk to a bar & grill in your area and see if they are interested in accepting a challenge.” Accept they did…

Burger Bet to Raise Money for Food Bank

December 29, 2014 – While University of Alabama and Ohio State face each in the Sugar Bowl, this New Year’s day, two restaurant owners –one from Alabama and one from Ohio – will face off to see who can raise the most money for a local food bank. In the spirit of the sport, the outcome of the football game will determine which food bank gets the cash.

Participating in the challenge are Chubb’s Grub Station in Alabaster, AL, and O’Donold’s Irish Pub in Youngstown, OH. Each restaurant will run game day specials, with proceeds earmarked for the charity event.

Chubb’s Grub Burger /Photo courtesy of TripAdvisor

Among the game day specials, each restaurant owner is creating a team-related Burger. Will Cholewinski, of Chubb’s Grub Station is creating a ‘Bama Burger. Christian Rinehart, of O’Donold’s, is constructing a Buckeye Burger.

The Bama Burger will feature a Juicy Lucy-style cheese-stuffed patty, homemade sloppy joe sauce, and grilled pineapple. It comes with bacon and is finished with fried jalapenos. The “Bama Burger will be available at Chubb’s in Alabaster and at their new location in Chelsea.

O'Donold's Buckeye Burger
O’Donold’s Buckeye Burger

The Buckeye Burger starts with a toasted bun topped with a grilled and split breakfast sausage link, pepper jack cheese, bacon and roasted red pepper. Add to that Cheddar cheese, mozzarella, Buckeye BBQ sauce and pulled pork. Topped with an onion ring and held together with a steak knife down the middle.

Chubb’s Grub Station

Best Burger Review sent the challenge to Chubb’s via Twitter. “OH wants a Sugar Bowl foodbank fundraiser –burger v burger.” Cholewinski quickly tweeted back, “Sounds like fun…can we make it happen.”

The burger food bank fundraiser fits with Cholewinski’s vision to “feed the people.” As well as feeding his customers, Cholewinski encourages customers to bring non-perishable food donations when they eat at Chubb’s. Cholewinski estimates that his dining community provided more than 5,000 meals to area food banks during their first year — which Cholewinski matched.

As well as a charity-minded proprietor and generous patrons, Chubb’s Grub Station has good burgers too. It was one of 15 finalists in AL.coms search for the state’s best cheeseburger.

O'Donold's burger
O’Donold’s Burger /Photo-The BurgerGuyz

O’Donold’s Irish Pub

Popular for its Reuben sandwiches, chips, and traditional pub fare (and cheap drink prices), O’Donold’s dishes out some tasty burgers. The BurgerGuyz even picked the pub for its Burger of the Year the first year they began their burger quest in Ohio’s and Pennsylvania’s Mahoning Valley. “O’Donold’s kitchen staff created a ground beef masterpiece…,” said their review. Plus, who can beat a half-pound burger for $2.99 on Tuesdays?

Cholewinski is competing for Manna Charities Food Bank, in Alabaster.  Rinehart’s charity is Second Harvest Food Bank, Youngstown.