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Burger Picks from Jacksonville Local, EatDrinkJax

If you are looking for a city with burger diversity and scads of excellent hamburger choices, Jacksonville, FL  might be your town. Below are a few best burger picks from our friends at EatDrinkJax. Although they don’t rate burgers, EatDrinkJax editor, Gerry Glynn, puts all these burgers in the “great” category.

 Jacksonville is about burger diversity — freshly ground, meaty and honest …  topped with Spam, collard greens or foie gras…

“They’re all so good,” said Glynn. “We probably eat at Mojo the most because it’s close to where we live and its wide variety of Southern awesomeness provides a perfect sampler for visitors to Jacksonville. Happy hour at The Blind Rabbit is where we go when we’re hanging out and want to enjoy a craft beer and a great burger. We love Two Dudes and send visitors to the Beach there all the time to experience what locals know. If only Pinegrove Market and Black Sheep were closer we’d eat there a lot more.”

Jacksonville Burger Recommendations 

The Blind Rabbit (review) is a Jacksonville Beach hot spot, featuring a huge selection of whiskeys, along with craft beer and gourmet burgers. The Southern Burger is topped with arugula, a fried green tomato, okra and pimento cheese. The Blind Rabbit is the second restaurant for chefs and brothers, John and Jeff Stanford. Both restaurants were preceded by the popular Salty Fig food truck. (More about The Blind Rabbit on Best Burger Review).

Southern Burger
Southern Style at The Blind Rabbitt

Black Sheep (interview) is hip and cool and their rooftop patio provides a great way to see the city. The restaurant is fine dining but prices at lunch are what you’d expect at an upscale burger joint. The burgers at Black Sheep are made with grass feed beef from a local farm. The burgers are delicious and rate among our favorites. There’s only one problem: the Duck Banh Mi Sandwich is so darn good that it’s hard to order the burger if you have to choose. Our solution was to order one of each, then split.

Orsay (interview) is sister restaurant to Black Sheep. It offers a foie gras topped burger that one Jacksonville food critic calls a BARGAIN (caps are hers) at $30. Inspired by renowned chef Daniel Boulud, the Orsay Burger is made from grass-fed beef, and comes in a homemade bun with home made fries, aioli and pickles.

Epik Burger (interview) is for the person who isn’t satisfied with just a burger. Epik Burger offers over 30 styles of burger including a Hawaiian Local Burger (topped with Spam and an egg), Deep South Burger (topped with collard greens cooked in bacon fat) and a Maguro Bocho Burger, featuring sushi-inspired toppings such as wasabi mayonnaise, pickled ginger, soy sauce and sesame seeds.

Epik Hawaiian Burger
Epik’s Hawaiian Local – Yep, with Spam

Mojo (interview) has 5 locations around Jacksonville and St. Augustine. There’s so much great barbecue at Mojo that their burger can sometimes fly under the radar. But the burger is amazing, especially with thick cut, crispy bacon. The burger comes with a side, and the sweet potato mash is out of this world. If you can convince someone to split dinners with you, the Kansas City Burnt Ends are tasty, tender pieces of brisket heaven.

M Shack (interview) is the creation of local fine-dining chefs Matthew and David Medure who wanted to bring out a better burger. M Shack has proven so successful that a second location has already been opened. M Shack features grass-fed burgers and truffle fries, along with handspun milkshakes, including “adult” versions with a little kick.

M Shack
M Burger – ground fresh daily

Pinegrove Market
(interview) started as a high end butcher shop in 1968 before adding a deli. Their burgers are made daily from the dry aged beef sold in their butcher shop. The owners work in the shop, greeting customers and carving great steaks. The burgers are meaty and honest. Nothing fancy but the taste. A free selection of sides is available to first time visitors, so be sure to ask.

Two Dudes Market (review) is a mile west of the beach on Atlantic Blvd. Located in a non-descript strip plaza oh-so-close and yet oh-so-far from the busiest restaurant area in Atlantic Beach means that Two Dudes must rely primarily on local traffic. Good thing that Two Dudes is a local favorite. The Jax Beach Burger is topped with fried oysters and wasabi cream sauce, and is paired with a side of mango-wasabi cole slaw. The burgers are huge, and so are the desserts. Decisions, decisions.

EatDrinkJax is a Jacksonville website dedicated to talking to local chefs and restaurateurs. Through one-on-one interviews, they go behind the scenes to hear from the food purveyors themselves about what makes their restaurants and their food special — the best menu items and the hidden gems that don’t get the attention they deserve.

For more on the Jacksonville Burger scene, read our interview with EatDrinkJax editor, Gerry Glynn.

(Photos courtesy EatDrinkJax)