Save Your Buns!

Last March [2014], we brought you news of a smart little device that sits on your plate and elevates your burger just above bun-drenching goodness that can escape from a juicy burger.

Burger Life
Elevate Your Buns with the Burger Lift [Photo via Burger Lift]
Created by a group of friends, Burger Lift got its startup funding via Kickstarter. The project handily exceeded its goal, with 208 backers pledging more than $11,000. Burger Lifts went into mass production in November of 2014. Here’s where they are now…

Burger Lift Update

[by the Burger Lift Team, Oct 2015]
Burger Lift is growing and we are lifting more and more buns every single day! Since the completion of our Kickstarter campaign we have solidified the manufacturing of our stainless steel design and completed orders for over 1000 Burger Lifts. We have started getting the stainless steel Burger Lifts into restaurants around the NYC area including Mercer Kitchen in Soho and Pounds and Ounces in Chelsea. Our goal is to expand into restaurants outside of the NYC area in the near future.

Red Burger Lift
All new, red plastic burger lift makes a great gift.

Another major update is the addition of a red, plastic Burger Lift. This plastic version looks and functions exactly the same as the stainless steel and is dishwasher and microwave safe.

We launched the plastic Burger Lift this summer at TimeOut New York’s Battle of the Burger event back in August. The event featured more than 20 of the best burgers in NYC being served to over 2500 participants. Plenty of opportunities for us to show people how to lift their buns.

The next step for the Burger Lift is getting them packaged and into retail stores and sold on Design of the packaging is complete and our goal is to have the Burger Lift in some retailers for the holiday season. That being said, both the plastic and stainless steel Burger Lifts are available for purchase on our website ( They make fantastic stocking stuffers for your burger loving friends or family!