Stacy Lanson, Motorcycling Ghostwriter

Ghostwriting about Burgers, Bikes and Ghosts

Stacy Lanson is a foodie. She creates recipes, evaluates new products and writes about food.

burger enthusiast, Stacy Lanson
Motorcycling ghostwriter and burger enthusiast, Stacy Lanson, picnicking with a Sourdough Zin Burger, from Grapes, in Jerome, Az.

You might not know her name because she’s a ghostwriter — mostly for motorcycle mags — but she came out of the closet to give Best Burger Review readers on a burger (and biker) journey through the re-invented ghost town of Jerome, Arizona. Hailing from a long line of Midwestern cattle ranchers, Stacy has boundless enthusiasm for burgers. Best Burger Review talks with her about her best burger experiences.

BBR: What is your current relationship with burgers?
As a foodie
— I adore burgers! They just make me feel better. I am an emotional eater, and will eat burgers when I am feeling blue, festive, anemic…I really don’t need an excuse. The more vibrant they look, the more I want them. I eat with my eyes first, for sure.

 I make my burgers tall generally, and cut them in half to see their juicy souls.  ~ Stacy Lanson

As a ghostwriter — I mostly do my foodie ghost writing for motorcycle enthusiast publications, mainly Southwest destination touring stories, especially rally towns. The culinary coverage runs the spectrum from dive joints to the totally upscale. I have found exquisite burgers in all categories. There definitely are venue owners that add in love and take great pride in their burgers. It is really nice to see…and, taste!

As a consultant — I have worked with several food companies over the years. I evaluate new products and give feedback. I usually have suggestions for expanding their market, product line, or new ways for using their offerings. I’ve made cooking videos for their contests, too. A pre-shamed Paula Deen commented that I was “cute as a button” when she saw one of my videos. My 15 s-e-c-o-n-d-s of fame on a celebrity chef’s radar.

 As a recipe creator — I am always improving burgers at home. For my home cooking, I follow my whims of the moment, and am often inspired by what is peaking in my garden. No formal (burger) recipes, thus far.

BBR: What’s your best hamburger memory?
My best hamburger memory was when I was about four and I was going through my first drive thru car wash in my mother’s Mustang. I had my A&W burger, fries, and Baby (Root) Beer laid before me on the opened door of the glove compartment. The moment was an all sensory experience, and subconsciously I probably associate burgers with fun, new experiences. I do find I leisure-eat a whole bunch of burgers when I travel.

BBR: What’s the Best Burger in your current city?
The best burger where I live* is my own creation with a copious side of beer. I live in Sedona, AZ. We have the only McDonald’s with teal arches, which have been know to be stolen from time to time. There are many lovely burgers around town.

Sedona McDonalds has Teal arches
Sedona’s teal arches are popular with tourists and mischievous thieves

BBR: What makes a great burger?
What is important to me is that the ingredients are the freshest available. I am all about color, and I like to butter and toast or grill the buns. I frequently make my own guac, caramelize my onions, and I am so pro-bacon. I am not a huge fan of American cheese, when there are so many other hearty varieties on the market. I love quality condiments. I make my burgers tall generally, and cut them in half to see their juicy souls.

 BBR: What is your favorite burger?
Right now, my favorite burger is whatever my daughter, Scarlett, is making for me. She is 24, and I am glad she finds my burger enthusiasm contagious. Like me, she is very experimental in the kitchen. We iMessage our cooking photos to each other, and we are often surprised that we are making the same dish on the same day. Our taste buds are psychic!

BBR: Which burger is on your bucket list?
The one at the pearly gates, if I am so blessed. My halo is a little tarnished.

BBR: What burger do you love but are embarrassed to admit?
The magnificent In-N-Out Double-Double Burger..such a cliche. They don’t exist in Sedona, as yet, although a local business man claims he would give commercially zoned land, if they would build. If I am traveling through a town that has one, I stop! My daughter insists she will have an In-N-Out Cookout Trailer as catering at her wedding. I know that will bring out the +1s on the RSVPs!

*Update – Lanson is currently heading to live with the bikers and burgers in California.

[Image credits -Teal arches by Big slick69 at en.wikipedia (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons. Other images by Joshua Placa.]