I’d Order That in the Southwest

Amy Dodson,I'd Order That. Southwest burgers
Amy Dodson, food and travel writer, meets the infamous GCCB

Meet Amy Dodson, founder of I’d Order That, a blog celebrating the food, travel, lifestyle (and burgers) of the American southwest.

Amy has previously written about the best burgers in Durango. Now she tells Best Burger Review about a few more of her favorites.

BBR: Tell us about you and your blog. I started my blog as a celebration … to share the things I love and continue to discover about my adopted forever home, the American Southwest. The name came about a few years ago while I was testing a butter grilled ribeye with red chile steak rub. My husband tasted it and said, “If I were in a restaurant, I’d pay for that.  I’d order that.”  That began our game to become better cooks, and set the bar … only ‘I’d Order Thats’ make the blog.

BBR: Tell us about your current relationship with burgers.
I live in Durango, Colorado … a steak and burger lovin’ town where the buy local, organic produce, grass-fed beef, farm to table scene is strong. That’s something I’m interested in when traveling … seeking out places that use local ingredients. Because I like to experience a new region through their food and arts, and locally embellished burgers, of course.

BBR: What’s your best hamburger memory?
My first week in Santa Fe, I ordered smothered burger and the waiter asked “Red or Green?” That question is asked about four hundred bazillion times a day in New Mexico. Would you like red or green chile on that? Having just moved from the Midwest with no idea what chiles were all about, I asked for green and became a green chile cheeseburger (GCCB) fan for life.

BBR: What makes a great burger?
A couple years ago, I began to hear that the loaded burger trend was on it’s way out and the classic patty with cheese on a bun was in. I can appreciate the beauty of a quality simple burger (like the James Ranch Signature [Harvest Burger]) but more often than not I want mine bedazzled. Piled high and/or stuffed. Preferably with house sauces and toppings, a nicely seasoned grass-fed beef patty and sturdy gourmet bun that won’t fall apart or get soggy.

BBR: What’s the Best Burger in your current city?
[Durngo] has 168+ restaurants and most have a unique signature burger on the menu. I am reluctant to name a number one, but a few come to mind:

  • Three Peaks Deli GCCB with Hatch chiles.
  • Old Tymers loaded Colorado Plateau with shaved ham, bacon and green chile on Texas toast.
  • Carver’s Tatanka Burger with bacon, mushrooms, green chiles and queso fresco.
  • Diamond Belle Saloon’s American Bison Burger with cheese, bacon and garlic aioli.
  • El Moro’s namesake burger with house cured bacon, heirloom tomatoes, house pickles and thick melted white cheddar on a soft house Kaiser bun.

BBR: Which burger is on your bucket list?
There are many.  The Owl Café, Lucky’s and Doc & Eddy’s (Albuquerque), Agave Lounge and Bang Bite Filling Station (Santa Fe), El Bruno’s (Cuba), Sparky’s (Hatch), Mineshaft (Madrid), Owl Bar & Café (San Antonio NM), Blackbelly Market (Boulder), Chef’s Club (Aspen), Crave Real Burgers (Castle Rock) … the list goes on and on.

BBR: What burger do you love but are embarrassed to admit?
I’ve only heard about it and rarely admit that I’m on the lookout for it. You know those state fair “we dunk anything in batter and fry it” places? Well, I’ve heard of a battered deep fried double green chile cheeseburger. I’d order that just to say I found it, tried it. And then I’d eat salads for a month.

Southwest burger
Dodson Green Chile Slider Recipe

BBR: Do you have a burger pet peeve?
Yes … it has to do with the attitude that a proper burger should only be cooked to medium rare. I feel that’s like advising everyone that the proper artwork to place over your fireplace mantle should only be a painting of ducks flying over a pond. We all have different tastes.  So order your burger like you want it and let your burger bliss flag fly

Feeling adventurous?
Try Amy’s recipe for Double Green Chile Cheeseburger Sliders. See if your foodie friends and family declare, “if I were in a restaurant, I’d order that.”