Katie Johnstonbaugh, Author

Burgers, Beyond the Onions 

Katie Johnstonbaugh is the creator of the food blog, Dishin & Dishes, a Katie JohnstonbaughTV food personality for Freedom 43tv, and author of Food Lovers’s Guide to Oklahoma. She told us about Oklahoma’s fried onion burgers.

BBR: What is your Favorite Burger?
My favorite burger that I make at home would (have) cheese stuffed inside, (aka Juicy Lucy). I make one (called the All-American Stuffed Burger on my blog) that has chopped, cooked bacon and Greek yogurt (to keep it moist) mixed in with the raw hamburger meat before it’s shaped into patties. The cheese I stuff inside is smoked cheddar. While that’s cooking, I caramelize some onions to top it, then add some made-in-Oklahoma BBQ sauce called Head Country. The result is unbelievable!

All American Stuffed Burger
You’ll want to make Katie’s All American – Cheddar, bacon, caramelized onions…

BBR: What is the best burger in your current city?
The best burger in (Oklahoma City) is all about the buns. Republic Gastropub serves up their signature burger, “The Republic Burger,” with some fantastic toppings like caramelized onion, applewood smoked bacon relish, a couple of cheeses like bleu and Gruyere, and then adds some arugula and a perfectly fried egg on top. The meat is a custom blend of Angus beef that is hand-pattied. But the thing that sends it over the top for me are the homemade pretzel buns. They are fantastic!

BBR: What burger is on your bucket list?
The burger that is definitely on my bucket list might be surprising to you after all those horribly unhealthy ingredients I’ve previously listed. It’s the Earth Burger, from Umami Burger, in Los Angeles. The patty is made with mushroom and edamame, and has a white soy aioli, truffled ricotta, cipollini onions, lettuce and slow roasted tomatoes. It comes on a grilled brioche bun.  If you’ve had a brioche bun before you just sighed with me didn’t you?

Republic Burger
The Republic Burger –  Bleu and Gruyere, bacon-caramelized onion jam …

BBR: What burger do you love but are embarrassed to admit?
Oh my. The Whopper. I worked at Burger King in high school and still love the taste of one. Memories? Reflections? High school era nostalgia? Either way I do grab one once in a blue moon. Shhh, please don’t tell anyone!?

(Photos courtesy of Dishin & Dishes)