OKC Fried Onion Burger Revisited

[Sept 2014] — We love the fried onion burger; beef, grilled onions and a requisite amount of grease. We first introduced the iconic Oklahoma burgers when we talked with OKC author and TV personality, Katie Johnstonbaugh. Katie gave us the rundown on the fried onion burger and list of burgers to try. We thought we would update you on a couple friend onion burger items.

The Great Food Truck Race Meets the Onion Burger

The onion burger does have in-the-know foodie following, and even it’s own mini burger festival, but the onion burger took a step outside its regional closet when OKC was a stop on the tv show, The Great Food Truck Race.

Food Truck racers from Lone Star Chuck Wagon learn from friend onion burger master at Tucker's. Image via
Great Food Truck racers from Lone Star Chuck Wagon learn from fried onion burger master at Tucker’s. [Image via www.foodnetwork.com]
In season 5, episode 4, High Steaks in OKC, the food truck reality show’s “truck stop challenge” called for contestants had to ditch their own menus and sell only fried onion burgers. After a trip to Tucker’s Onion Burgers to learn about the burger and  to gather ingredients (including 20 pounds of meat to grind by hand), the teams raced to see who could cook and sell 50 onion burgers first.

The Beach Cruiser truck handily sold their 50 burgers, winning the challenge. The onion burgers, however, beat the team from Madres Mexican Meals, eliminating them from the competition. In a post-episode interview the team spokesperson said, The onion burgers were not our friend.” Read more in the team’s exit interview.

Meanwhile, at Claud’s, in Tulsa…

One onion burger joint, Claud’s, has been frying up onion burgers the same way since 1954. Check out this Tulsa institution on Discover Oklahoma.