Save Your Buns!

Last March [2014], we brought you news of a smart little device that sits on your plate and elevates your burger just above bun-drenching goodness that can escape from a juicy burger.

Burger Life
Elevate Your Buns with the Burger Lift [Photo via Burger Lift]
Created by a group of friends, Burger Lift got its startup funding via Kickstarter. The project handily exceeded its goal, with 208 backers pledging more than $11,000. Burger Lifts went into mass production in November of 2014. Here’s where they are now…

Burger Lift Update

[by the Burger Lift Team, Oct 2015]
Burger Lift is growing and we are lifting more and more buns every single day! Since the completion of our Kickstarter campaign Continue reading Save Your Buns!

Laguna Burger – Albuquerque, NM

Laguna Burger inside Pit Stop 66

14311 Central Ave NW
Albuquerque, NM 87121
Phone: (505) 352-7848
(4.3 / 5)

Note: The address is Albuquerque, but it’s a bit past the city’s west side. Look for Exit 140 W (Rio Puerco) or —- E. Do not rely on your GPS to find this! It is in one of those infamous New Mexico alien zones or something.

Quick Take: Tasty, hot, and fresh. Not necessarily fast, but the hand-shaped burgers are cooked to order. Relax and do some people watching while you wait.

We love this little video. Yeah, it’s that good.

Best Burgers We Ate This Year

Our Best Burgers of the Year

We ate a lot of burgers this year. Heck, it’s late in the year and we are still eating burgers. We traveled a lot too — from New Mexico to Alabama (a couple times) and from Florida to Ohio and back again. Plus, there were a ton of day trips around Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi. Frankly, we did so much traveling that sometimes the hope of finding the next great burger was what kept us driving. For now, we focus on best burgers New Mexico. (It’s a great state. If you haven’t been, you should get there!)  Continue reading Best Burgers We Ate This Year